Monday, July 13, 2009


Hi everyone! This is my first blog and my first post. Here is where I'll post all of my random stuff that seems to pop into my brain at a an alarming pace. Maybe a lil about myself first.
I'm a university student going into 4th year at UBC studying biology (eww) and planning to get into the education program. A lot of my time during the school year is devoted to school and school related stuff. I also tutor math part time at a tutoring center where I found out that I fell in love with teaching. That's probably about it for me, lets get into the first random fact that comes into my head.

Friday nights, I usually go to fellowship at church where we do bible study and discuss the bible. This week, we were talking about telling the truth and lying and an interesting hypothetical situation came up. Imagine if you were a up and coming medical student and one night, after studying late at school and you're driving home, you accidently run over someone who was J-walking and wearing all black. You get off the car and realize that the person is now dead. There are no cars or pedestrians anywhere in sight which means you can drive off and get away scot free. Do you leave or do you call the police?

If you leave, you'll get off scot free, but this person's family will never get closure on what happened to their loved one. If you stay, you'll be arrested and will likely have to go to jail and your medical career would be over. Yes, it's true that if you leave, it'll be very unfair to the person who died and his family, but what about all those other people and their families you can't now save because you're in jail?